How We Received and Spent Funds

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest always strives to be a good steward of the funds entrusted to us – whether they come from government grants, private foundations, or individual donors. We work constantly to find the most efficient and effective means of delivering care to those who need us and improving the health of local communities!

60% Patient Services

Payment for the health services we provide – from government programs like Medicaid, from insurance companies, and from patients who are able to pay for their care.

18% Government Grants (Title X, TOP, etc.)

State and federal women’s health and youth outreach funding, earmarked for specific programs and health services.

14% Donations

Your generous support is what allows us to discount our services for uninsured and low-income patients, charging them only what they can afford – even when that’s nothing.

7% Investment Income

Interest and other income from investing our endowment.

70% Patient Services

Providing affordable, high-quality health care to local women and men, regardless of their circumstances.

14% Education

Educating young people to make safe, healthy, responsible choices, and giving them a safe place to ask questions.

5% Admin

The cost of keeping the doors open and the lights on at our health centers, and paying our administrative staff.

4% Government Relations & Advocacy

Government relations and advocacy: Costs associated with keeping all of our state certifications and licenses up to date, and also lobbying local legislatures to protect reproductive health funding.

4% Outreach

Marketing campaigns and other efforts, to get the word out about the services we offer to the people who need them

3% Fundraising

The cost of the various fundraising efforts – events, mailings, phone calls, etc. – we conduct to raise money for our work